Considering The Option Of Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

Posted on: 25 February 2022


Caring for your eyebrows can be a constant challenge. Unfortunately, individuals may not realize that there are modern solutions available to help them with keeping their eyebrows looking good while minimizing the amount of work that they will have to do. In particular, permanent eyebrow treatments are one option that you can use by going through a salon or a beauty place like Modern Faces by Katy. 

Assumption: Permanent Eyebrow Treatments Is Simply Another Term For Tattooing

Individuals may assume that a permanent eyebrow treatment will be the same thing as having a tattoo applied. While it is true that this procedure will utilize pigments applied under the skin, it will be fairly different from a conventional tattoo. For example, this procedure will use micro applications of the pigment to avoid the hard lines that traditional tattooing can create.

Assumption: Permanent Eyebrow Treatments Will Be Extremely Painful

The amount of discomfort that individuals assume permanent eyebrow treatments will cause them can be another consideration that may cause them to overlook this procedure as an option. While there will be some mild discomfort that a patient will experience as a result of this procedure, it will pass very quickly following the completion of the procedure. During the actual eyebrow treatment procedure, local anesthetics will be used to numb the area where the pigments are being applied. This will keep the discomfort that is experienced minimal, which can also help the technician with applying this treatment as their client will be less likely to flinch or otherwise move during the application.

Assumption: You Will Have To Keep Your Eyebrows Shaved After This Procedure

Individuals may think that they will have to keep their eyebrows shaved following the application of the eyebrow treatments. However, these treatments are designed to work in conjunction with your natural eyebrows to provide a look that is fuller and more uniform. Due to this, you will not need to keep your eyebrows shaved, but you may still want to pluck the edges to help them keep the definition that you were wanting. During the eyebrow treatment procedure, the technician will help you to understand where the pigment was applied as this can help you with shaping your eyebrows.  

Undergoing a permanent eyebrow treatment can be an option that will improve your appearance while also making it easier to maintain. By appreciating the benefits of choosing to undergo permanent eyebrow treatments as well as what to expect from this procedure, you will find that you are far better positioned to be able to weigh whether this procedure will be a suitable option for your cosmetic needs.