It's Time To Curb These Habits When You Get A Facelift

Posted on: 9 November 2020


When you get a facelift, you're making an investment in not only your physical appearance but also in how you feel about yourself. As such, you want to do everything you can to keep your face looking as youthful as possible in the months and years that follow the procedure. Unfortunately, many people engage in habits that are harmful to their skin, and these habits may have the potential to speed up the aging process — even after you've invested in looking younger by having a facelift. Here are some habits that you should firmly put in your past after your facelift.


Many people find a tanned face to appear desirable, but don't necessarily stop to consider the damage that they're doing to their skin. Tanning can prematurely age your skin, as it will lose its elasticity to some degree as a result of frequent tanning. The tight skin that you enjoy after your facelift could be at risk if you continue your habit of tanning, and you could eventually end up with droopy skin similar to how you looked before you went through the procedure. If you favor a tanned appearance, you're better off using a tanning ointment that is safe for your skin, rather than risking damage through tanning.


Smoking is another habit that can be detrimental to your skin, mainly by causing wrinkles to appear. When you meet people who have been smokers for much of their lives, they often look older than they actually are — and that's typically because their skin is in bad shape. If you continue to smoke, you could be putting your post-facelift appearance at risk. There are many methods that you can use to quit smoking, and regardless of the strategy that you adopt, you'll be honoring your facelift investment.

Failing To Use Moisturizer

If you don't follow a skincare regimen now, it's time to start. Many people find that they can retain a youthful experience for longer because of regularly moisturizing their skin. The cosmetic surgeon who performs your facelift procedure may even be able to give you some suggestions to adopt. The right products may help your skin to avoid losing its elasticity, which is what occurs during the aging process. With daily moisturizing sessions, you'll slow down the aging process and be able to enjoy your facelift for even longer. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon to learn more about how to care for your skin after a facelift.