Six Thngs You Can Try To Alleviate Sinus Discomfort

Posted on: 27 August 2019


Sinus discomfort can make you very uncomfortable and even cause pain in severe cases. If you suffer from sinus problems, you'll want to know what you can do  to alleviate your symptoms when sinus discomfort strikes.

The following are six things you can try that could help you to alleviate your sinus discomfort:

Don't smoke

Smoking can aggravate sinus problems. Smoking causes aggravated discomfort because cigarette smoke, as well as other allergens or pollutants, are irritants to the sinus passages.

Smoking can cause swelling in the sinus membranes and worsen any headaches you experience as a result of your sinus problems. If you are a smoker who suffers from sinus problems, you should quit smoking or at least try to minimize the frequency with which you smoke. 

Drink enough water

Being hydrated helps to reduce sinus pressure and alleviate sinus discomfort. Hydration is important for those with sinus issues because adequate hydration ensures that the mucus stays as thin as possible. This will help to keep sinus passages open and minimize the likelihood that sinus pressure will build. 

Use an air filter in your home

Any contaminants or allergens in the air of your home are going to aggravate your sinus problems. Therefore, you could be much more comfortable in your home if you use an air filter to improve the interior air quality.

Get enough sleep

Fatigue and a lack of adequate sleep can aggravate sinus problems. Fatigue generally weakens you so that you're more susceptible to the discomfort. However, fatigue is especially likely to aggravate headache symptoms.

Taking a long nap is often a good way to get rid of a sinus headache. You'll probably notice that your sinuses get worse when you're sleep deprived. Therefore, you should take time out to get the rest you need if you're looking for ways to deal with sinus discomfort. 

Take steamy showers

Steam can be helpful at alleviating sinus discomfort. That's because steam brings moisture to the sinuses and minimizes any sinus blockages. 

By taking a steamy shower, you can help to soften the mucus and minimize discomfort/stuffiness. 

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol can stimulate mucus production in many people. It also has a dehydrating effect that can lead to sinus pressure buildup and sinus discomfort.

You need to reduce alcohol consumption if you want to minimize sinus problems. It's best to completely abstain from alcohol consumption when you're dealing with sinus problems. 

Contact a sinus doctor, like Frank J Scaccia Md FACS, to learn more.