Flat Lips? Here Are Your Options

Posted on: 13 July 2019


When you look in the mirror, do you find yourself distracted by your flat lips? Maybe you've always dreamed of having the plump, pouty smile you see on certain celebrities. Luckily, there are several options for adding volume to flat lips, whether you're willing to undergo surgery or you're looking for more of a daily, topically applied solution.

Plumping Serums

The least invasive option is to apply a plumping serum to your lips each morning before you apply your makeup. These serums usually contain slightly irritating ingredients like capsaicin. They draw blood into your lips, which makes them look more plump and voluminous. The effects will last a few hours, so you can re-apply at lunchtime.


If you don't want to apply serums every day and are looking for something longer-lasting, you could instead opt for Botox injections. This solution works really well if your flat lips are due to sagging, aging skin above your lip. Your dermatologist will make a few small injections of Botox just above your lip. The contents of the injection will tense up the muscles in this area, preventing that saggy look that is making your lips seem flat. The effects of Botox last a couple of months. When you notice that your lips are starting to look flat again, you can visit your doctor for another set of injections.


An even longer-lasting solution is to have fillers injected into your lip. Usually, fillers used for this purpose are collagen-based. The injections basically create volume beneath the skin, making your lips look fuller. Some last as long as two years. The downside to fillers, and the reason that some patients prefer Botox to fillers, is that they can sometimes lead to an uneven appearance, especially as the results start to fade. 

Lip Augmentation

If the idea of plastic surgery does not turn you off, then talk to your doctor about lip augmentation procedures. Usually, lip augmentation is done with your own fat. Some of your own fat cells will be removed from your buttocks or thigh and injected into your lips to make them more plump. Lip augmentation is usually permanent, so you won't have to worry about repeat treatments as you do with Botox. However, there is a risk of infection and side effects to the anesthesia, as with any surgery.

To learn more about Botox and other lip-plumping procedures, talk to your dermatologist.