Breast Augmentation: Aftercare Tips

Posted on: 20 March 2019


For many women, nothing compares to the feeling of confidence that comes after their breast augmentation surgery. If you're considering this plastic surgery procedure, caring for yourself properly after your breast augmentation surgery is the best way to ensure your recovery goes smoothly and you can get up and start enjoying your life again.

Here are a few simple post-surgical care tips to remember after your breast augmentation procedure.

Getting up and Walking Around

After the surgery, you will feel groggy and will remain in bed for a few hours. However, your doctor will advise you to get up and start walking as quickly as possible after the procedure. When you are in the hospital and for the first few days after surgery, stand up carefully and walk slowly. Avoid swinging your arms, as this could damage your incisions.

You should not use your arms to support you when standing up and use caution when repositioning yourself in bed to avoid placing too much weight on your arms.

Your doctor will also advise you to not carry anything weighing over five to 10 pounds for the first few days after surgery. Once your incisions heal and you are in less pain, your doctor will typically allow you to return to your everyday activities. However, vigorous exercise should be avoided until you get an okay from your doctor.

Sleep in the Correct Position

You will be spending some time in bed in the hours and days following your surgery. Lying down in the right position will help ease your discomfort, protect your incisions and drainage bags, and prevent damage to your incisions. Always lie on your back, and if necessary, use pillows to help prop yourself up and remain comfortable.

Ask a caregiver or family member to help you shift your weight in the first hours after surgery. Placing too much strain on your arms and shoulders can be painful and disrupt your stitches.

Taking a Shower

Your doctor will typically advise you to wait at least one full day after your surgery to take a shower. Use caution when taking a shower to avoid getting too much moisture directly on your incisions. Avoid taking baths, sitting in hot tubs, or swimming for several weeks after your surgery, as this can increase your likelihood of damaging your healing incisions and leave you vulnerable to infection.

Caring for yourself properly after breast augmentation surgery can help speed up your recovery, ease your discomfort, and protect you from infection.