Has Your Dad's Upper Eyelid Droop Begun To Affect His Quality Of Life?

Posted on: 29 June 2018


Over time, the muscles and ligaments that hold eyelids in place can slowly weaken due to factors such as advancing age. While a mild drooping eyelid may appear to be little more than a cosmetic inconvenience, progressively weakening muscles and skin can cause it to interfere with your father's ability to see clearly. Once your father's quality of life is compromised, it is time to take action. Now that he's agreed to eyelid surgery, you can use these tips to help him prepare for the procedure.

1. Choose the Right Surgeon

An experienced surgeon who knows how to minimize risks should always do cosmetic eyelid surgery that is performed on an elderly adult. During your initial meeting, have your father ask the surgeon about their experience with performing procedures on older adults. Ideally, you should hear that they routinely perform eyelid lift procedures on seniors and that they can provide ways to ensure your father's best recovery. For instance, they may recommend special pre-operative tests to make sure your dad's health is stable enough for surgery.

2. Set Up His House For Recovery

During the first month after his eyelid surgery, your father must do his best to avoid activities that place a strain on the eyes or elevate his blood pressure. For example, your dad may need to limit bending over from the waist or lifting heavy items. If possible, plan for someone to stay with him for the first several days after the surgery to help out around the house. You may also need to do things such as transfer pet food from large, heavy bags into smaller containers that he can manage if he lives alone. As you set up his house, keep in mind that certain items such as cookware may need to be moved to waist-high shelves to minimize his need to bend over.

3. Help Him Plan Safe Ways to Stay Entertained

Your dad needs to rest his eyes during the first several days after his procedure. If your dad relies heavily on visual stimulation to stay entertained, then you may need to help him find alternative activities. For instance, listening to audiobooks could replace your dad's nightly reading habit until his eyes fully heal. Your dad should also wear sunglasses anytime he goes outdoors, and it is best to avoid outdoor activities that generate large amounts of dust or dirt during the recovery period.

When your dad needs surgery to lift his eyelids, you want to know that everything possible is done to make it a safe and comfortable process. By helping to support him through the procedure, you can look forward to seeing your dad enjoy regaining his appearance and ability to see clearly again.