The Fat Melter: The Cosmetic Procedure Humans Have Been Waiting For

Posted on: 4 October 2016


Of all the cosmetic procedures used to elimate unwanted fat deposits, nothing quite catches your attention like the latest and greatest one--the fat melter, Kybella. You have seen what heat and chemicals can do to animal fat--they liquefy it and then you can drain it away. This new injectable medicine does the same thing--it liquefies fat. Humans have been trying to liquefy their fat cells from the moment cosmetic procedures stepped off the pages of science fiction and became a reality. Here is more about this medicine, how it works and how much it costs for a single treatment.

What Deoxycholic Acid (Kybella) Is

The human body already produces this amino acid. The acid burns up fat, melting it and helping the body expel it from its tissues. The brand name, Kybella, is simply the name given to the pharmaceutical reproduction of this acid. It has proven very effective for the removal of double chin fat, but is now being offered for a few other little areas of fat.

Where Else It Is Injected for Cosmetic Purposes

Currently, in the U.S., the deoxycholic acid is only injected into the fat deposits under chins, around jowls and in especially full cheeks. It cannot be used for abdominal fat just yet, since a certain amount of abdominal fat is necessary for keeping your bodily organs warm and safe. Experiments and studies are being conducted to determine if deoxycholic acid could ever be used on abdominal, hip and gluteal fat. If the FDA ever does approve it for body fat and not just facial fat, deoxycholic acid will probably overtake the sales of liposuction and other fat removal procedures. It is so simple to use and far less invasive than most other cosmetic fat removal procedures.

How Much It Costs

This injectable fat melter and procedure will cost about the same as a single liposuction treatment--about two to four thousand dollars. The biggest differences here are that the flesh is never cut open, and the sagging fat pockets never return unless you gain a ton of weight and then lose it again. Most patients who choose this over any other fat removal procedure do so because they can return to work almost immediately and they do not have to be sedated to have the injections. Your body handles the elimination of the destroyed fat cells and you never need to have a stint or drain put in the area.

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