A Cosmetic Gynecologist Could Improve Your Quality Of Living And Confidence

Posted on: 2 August 2016


Women undergo a number of bodily changes, and some of these changes impact women in ways that can cause physical, emotional, and psychological effects. You may be a woman who is pleased with your general appearance, but perhaps there are some things about your genitalia or feminine health that are bothering you. The following are a few reasons that some women have chosen to seek the services of a cosmetic gynecologist.


Some women do not like the appearance of their genitals. Their views may be based on comparing their genitals to others who they may perceive to be normal. For example, a woman with excess labia tissue might want to have a labiaplasty, which is a surgical procedure that involves removing some of the excess tissue. This can result in a more uniform appearance. 

Disfigurement to the genitalia can also occur due to an injury. For example, some victims of sexual violence sometimes need to undergo reconstructive gynecological surgery to correct tissue damage caused by their injuries. 


Some women may experience pain in their genital area. This can happen during sex, exercise, or when restrictive clothing is worn. There are also females who have emotional pain that is caused by the embarrassment over their genitalia's appearance. This might cause them to suffer from feelings of anxiety that could lead to the avoidance of intimate situations. They may also eventually develop depression because their situation.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be an issue that is present at birth or it may occur later in life as a result of giving birth or another medical issue. Whatever the cause, sexual dysfunction can cause a woman not to have an interest in sex, which can affect her emotional health and the health of her intimate relationships. For some women, the appearance of their vagina can make them uncomfortable with sex. They may also feel less pleasure associated with the process. Vaginal rejuvenation can help these women experience more pleasurable sexual experiences and enjoy a sense of improved self-confidence as well as the freedom to wear what they choose. 

A cosmetic gynecologist is a good resource to use to determine if a cosmetic procedure could benefit you. They would also be able to suggest the best procedures based upon what you express concerns about. Many procedures have short recovery times, which means that you could have a discrete procedure performed and return to work in a matter or days. For more information, talk with a cosmetic gynecologist like those at the Rejuvenate Center for Medical Aesthetics.